A Month of Cookies – Day 20

20 - Meringues

Meringue Swirls


A Month of Cookies – Day 19


19 - matcha tea cookies

Drink your tea and eat it too with these Matcha Shortbread Cookies.

A Month of Cookies – Day 18

Lemon-lime sugar cookies

Lemon-Lime Sugar Cookies

A Month of Cookies – Day 17

17 - homemade oreos

Homemade Oreos are way better than the store-bought ones.

A Month of Cookies – Day 16


Grammy's Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are called Grammy’s Chocolate Cookies and are from Martha Stewart’s Cookies cookbook.

A Month of Cookies – Day 15

Gingerbread cookies

Mom’s Molasses Cookies┬áis a special recipe from my husband’s grandmother.

A Month of Cookies – Day 14

14 - french macarons

It took three edits of this photo before Foodgawker finally accepted it for their site. Sometimes persistence pays off.

A Month of Cookies – Day 13

13 - Food Babe Low Sugar Cookies

These are low sugar Oatmeal Chocolate Flax and Almond cookies. The recipe is a variation of one from the Food Babe, who is awesome!

A Month of Cookies – Day 12


12 - flourless chocolate cookies

Flourless chocolate cookies are beautiful and decadent but I’ve only made them once. Live and learn with cookies.

A Month of Cookies – Day 11

11 - cranberry almond biscotti

Cranberry Almond Biscotti are my favorite cookies to make during the winter.